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Entry #1

Introductions + Updates

2015-11-04 21:24:34 by PlayStationPortable



Hi there, I am Dynoxter. This is my first entry and just want to introduce myself, and maybe connect with the community more. 

  • Request: I can do some requests as long if isn’t too hardcore, gross, or a subject am not too familiar with. 
  • Art trade: I’m always down for an art trade.
  • Commissions Info

I put a lot of sketches, speedpaint, wip artwork, etc on my blog.

About Me: I first know of Newgrounds through a flash about classics like “The Ultimate Showdown” around 2003. I kept my playstationportable name mainly because its my favorite handheld. Around 2015 I move from traditional to digital and got a tablet. I learned about different software, colors, and I tried a variety of different styles and tutorials. I’m still finding my 'style', but I got to continue to work on my fundamentals. I made mainly “adult” art but that’s because it was my interest.



Update : 12/31/2015


Created long post in my blog. Summary talks about my art this year in review and upcoming projects. Going to create my own comic called Ro-Bon and other sides projects. 


Update : 12/30/2016

Another Art in Review



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